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Personal Training

Our Personal Training program specializes in helping you transform your body. Based on your goals, we create a sound plan and start you on your way to becoming lean & tone, athletic or more muscular.

Also, being able to move well in daily life or athletically is an important part of this program through flexibility, agility and core strength exercises.

Therefore, we incorporate weight lifting, mat pilates, yoga, and calisthenics for a well rounded program.

Semi Private Training means sharing your training with a small group of friends. Its more economical and brings a fun & supportive energy to the workout with good individual attention.
So grab a couple of friends, or come make some new ones, and get your fitness team started with us!
The Senior Fitness & Athletic Program involves all areas of the personal training program with respect to any physical restrictions or limitations.
Emphasis is placed on functional fitness to improve balance, coordination, flexibility, strength and endurance.
"I've lost 30 pounds, and I really enjoy coming to the gym now on a regular basis." -Nancy

Achieve a top athletic physique
This program will take you to an athletic level of training
Whether you want to compete, or just look like you can!

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