About Marco
Marco is a Personal Trainer, Nutrition and Life Coach who has been featured as a fitness expert on the television series "Fitness Fantasy" for the Discovery channel and Fit TV, as well as, on the popular spanish TV talk show "Tu Estilo."

He is also a published writer and a graduate of UCLA’s fitness program, The American Academy of Nutrition and The Coaches Training Institute for life coaching.

Having a background in dance, gymnastics, martial arts, yoga and as a bodybuilding coach, Marco has a great appreciation for the benefits of a fit and mobile body, which influences his fitness program.

He has coached hundreds of people in developing fit lifestyles through one on one counseling, as well as lectures and workshops for
Capital World Investors, Chapman Insurance Co., Remax and Panda.

Marco’s current hobby since 2003 is salsa dancing which seems to have also made its way into his teaching repertoire –just for fun