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Fit Bride

Nutrition and Exercise
for looking amazing

Through this program we help you to take the best care of yourself
during this busy time leading up to your wedding,

Both "The Nutrition & Exercise Program"
are based on sound principles for becoming lean and toned,

so that the beautiful bride you are on your wedding day can really be here to stay.

Congratulations Delia & Marco....Just Married!! October '08
Its True...I married leanbymarco!!
We met as dance partners a few years ago. Shortly after I joined Marco's program and lost 25 pounds and got into the best shape ever. For the wedding I trained with LeeAnn. All I can say is that the leanbymarco
program is the most caring and balanced approach for achieving your best you. Delia
Congratulations Tamara...June '08
The wedding was beautiful. I think I looked gorgeous in my dress and I can't wait to show you photos. You're going to be proud of this fit bride!
Thanks to you and Lee Ann I felt confident and stunning on my wedding day- every bride's dream.
I've dropped from a size 4 to a size 0, and  I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in.
Tonight we leave for the honeymoon and I'm going to do well with food and exercise (I'm bringing my running shoes).  I'll see you when I get back. 

Thank you so much.- Tamara

P.S. Dear Brides to be,
I choose the “Lean by Marco” Program because It combines fitness training with nutrition and life coaching. This program has taught me how to make the right decisions so that I can still enjoy all the “delightful” foods that I love, but in a healthy balanced way. And I also know that I now have the tools to maintain my weight and health in the years to come. 
I could not have come this far without the “Lean by Marco” program.
Congratulations Amber

I started seeing Marco during the stressful weeks leading up to my wedding, when my cravings were rampant in an effort to calm my frayed nerves. But Marco’s simple diet strategy helped curb my excessive eating and drinking, and that same strategy remains one of the key elements to my weight loss success.

My biggest reward, though, has been hearing my husband say that he is the only husband he knows of whose wife lost even more weight after the wedding and continues to look even better.



"A very caring and artistically brilliant photography duo. It's like having a loving friend take your pictures"

Dance Lessons
"The most supportive, fun and creative dance teachers you will ever find"

Stephanie & David

What amazing artists they are. It will become your greatest wedding treasure. You hardly know they are there, yet they will capture the most touching moments and breath taking shots of your day.

Wedding Make up
You can absolutly trust these upbeat and caring industry make-up artists for your most beautiful look.

Rich Bride, Poor Bride
"Written in a fun & friendly style. Gets you in touch with what is really important to you, as well as, step by step on what you need to know and do for successful wedding. Great book!"

A new generation of Mariachi that plays traditional songs beautifully, as well as adding fantastic orchestrations like no other. Fun, enthusiastic and professional.

A wedding DJ is responsible for the flow and energy of your event, and Brian excels at that. He is a fun well spoken MC, and an intuitive DJ that keeps your guests on the dance floor.