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Marco, To begin - Thank you for helping me change my life. You were instrumental in assisting me reaching my dream of qualifying for the Boston Marathon.  I believe that I am successfully and continuously improving in my performance due to your nutrition and training program. I now focus on caring for myself and my body because I realize how important it is to assist me in achieving my goals.  My experience with you has been life changing.
--Max Esquivel (Buisness owner) Pasadena, CA

The techniques I've learned I apply to many aspects of my life.
This is an empowering program. I have redefine my fitness and personal goals and have learned how to achieve them. Simply, I am more successful in everything I do now.
Thank you Marco. I will always appreciate your sincere care in seeing that I attain my Goals.
-- Joel Villalva
Elementary school teacher/ martial arts instructor
Pasadena, Calif.

Marco, It really is sooo crazy to see pictures of myself from a year ago and compare them to now...I love how my arms finally look thin in pictures!!  And it's so fun to go shopping and look great in everything I try on!  I am so, so, soooo happy with the progress I have made! Thank you sooooooo much for everything!
One other thing I would like to add (well, there is a lot i would add, but here's a big thing...) is that probably the best part of making these changes and seeing results is the reaction I get from other people - especially the ones that haven't seen me in a while...when people tell you how great you look, it is the most awesome natural high on earth!  Thanks again, Marco!

Carly Lima (CPA & Fitness Enthusiast)
Los Angeles

My sole objective was to look like all the "after photos" of Marco's clients that hung on his office walls. Marco coached me for several months and the weight steadily fell off me.
But the greatest transformation is the one you can’t see.
Marco is one of my greatest influences. He’s helped me understand myself in many ways. Needless to say, I’ve dramatically altered my path with his help and guidance.
--Amber ( Pilates instructor)
Pasadena, Calif
See Amber's Before & After Picture

Marco helped me to attain the physical shape I wanted to be in to participate in several dance shows that I set as goals.  After achieving my physical goals, I went above and beyond the physical accomplishments with Marco’s Life coaching program.
Working with Marco has given me the power and encouragement to pursue my best life.
--Rachel (Business Woman & Jazz Dancer) Pasadena, Calif

Having Marco as my life coach and nutritionist has been the foremost life-changing event of my adult life.  I joined the program back in 2001 and lost 25 lbs. permanently, and made positive changes in every aspect of my life that I had previously never dreamed possible.
-LeeAnn (Certified fitness instructor)
Pasadena, Calif

 I never thought when I started that I would learn what I learned.  Never expected to lose that much weight and keep it off.  I will definitely remember you every time I look at the body that I now have and will always have!
.I am only a success because of you.
Thank you Marco
See Aimee's "before & After" pictures

Marco helped me in understanding that my weight issue was more than just “exercise” deep. I’ve leaned that it’s okay and necessary to love and accept myself, then the rest will follow…. and it has. With his encouragement and knowledge, since seeing Marco not only have I lost 20 pounds, I am at peace with myself.  I am a better person, mind, body and soul. 
Thank you Marco!!!
Christina (Computer Tech and Coach)

Marco, You have planted the seeds for living a committed life for myself, and I thank you for that.

-Dr.Milana, M.D.
San Francisco, Calif.

Marco has helped me TREMENDOUSLY with my "life stuff."
He's such a fantastic listener and extremely perceptive about people and about life in general.   His approach is caring, yet firm and he gets results.   The positiveness with which he always approaches things has been extremely  helpful to me, as I'd come from a pretty much negative atmosphere and had tried on my own to break out of that.   I'd not been able to do it by myself , but with Marcos guidance and the 'specialness' about him - I've made huge gains in a forward direction.

He is one of a kind and I cannot praise him highly enough!
Sally ( Orientation and Mobiity Specialist )
Huntington Beach, Calif
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